Business SchoolHQ's new course

Business SchoolHQ’s email writing  course

Why you need this email writing course

A new email writing course that can help you write better, appear smarter, and be more confident.

Do you ever write aggressive emails?

Do you ever write important emails without a subject line?

Do you ever send important emails to the wrong person?

This practical 6-unit online writing course contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of email writing. Think of this course as your key to writing important emails well, especially if English is not your first language.

And even if English is your first language you can benefit from the course.

What this email writing course is about

Check out the new online email writing course at Business

This email writing course has five units, each containing at least two lessons.

In addition, there is a sixth unit containing two useful resources: a list of abbreviations and a list of recommended books on email writing.

Unit 1:  Crystal-clear essentials

  • 10 questions to ask yourself when you’re writing email

Unit 2:  Proper layout and structure  

  • how to structure email for maximum impact

Unit 3:  Crystal-clear language

  • how to use language effectively when writing email

Unit 4: Impeccable etiquette

  • ways for being polite and professional

Unit 5:  Make it perfect

  • how to edit your text

What this email writing course can do for you

By writing crystal clear emails,

  • you connect more effectively with other people, even across the globe
  • you communicate important information more clearly
  • you work better with a team on a project
  • you create error-free messages
  • you appear professional and confident

Take the course now.

Find out more about this email writing course and register, see:

How to Write Crystal-Clear Emails

 Send me your comments and feedback. I’d love hearing from you.

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