Online ESL Course: A unique blend of upper-level language course and up-to-date career program

Career Program

“How To Get Hired” – Online ESL Course

I’ve been recently raving about our new online ESL course.  I think it’s a great learning resource. But don’t listen to me. Find out what people are saying about it below.

How to Get Hired: Writing & Speaking Your Best is an upper level ESL e-course and career development program designed to develop communication skills for writing and speaking.

Who should take the online ESL course?

This online ESL course is specifically designed for high-intermediate to advanced non-native English speakers looking to get hired in Canada, the US or the UK.

Writing Skills Improved: The online ESL course helps learners improve their writing skills. Learners create a personal profile, write a persuasive job application, draft a top-notch resume or CV, write a cover letter, and build a LInkedIn profile.

Speaking Skills Improved: The online ESL course also helps learners improve their interview skills. They prepare for a job interview, perform well in different interview situations, and follow-up after the interview.

Jessica Webster, Employment and Training Professional, says this about the online ESL course:

“You’ve managed to do an excellent job blending language concerns, and current job search practices. I particularly like the focus on preparation/research and follow-up, as well as the social media piece.”

How to Get Hired is an entertaining collection of 12 lessons, each with a number of videos. Each video is between 3 and 20 minutes. Videos focus on one specific strategy or tactic that helps learners move towards their dream job.

What does the online ESL course include?

The lively videos show a powerpoint presentation. The voice over explains what learners need to do to learn the topic taught. Each video lesson comes with supplemental information. This material includes templates, links to web resources, and practice assignments that reinforce learning. Each lesson includes a fun quiz to solidify learner understanding.

Fred Horowitz, Business Coach, praises the online ESL course:

The distinguishing feature of How to Get Hired is its emphasis on clarity of writing and speaking. In my view, most job seekers aren’t effective in communicating who they are, what they have to offer, and whom they prefer to work with.

What’s special about the online ESL course?

A nice feature of How to Get Hired is that learners can ask a real instructor questions and get feedback. If learners follow course instructions and learn the lessons, they will surely find their dream work (“No guarantee from the management,” as my favourite TV host, Louis Rukeyser, used to say on “Wall Street Week”).

Click on How to Get Hired to learn more.  I’d love to help you get your dream job.


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