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Frank Bonkowski, Ph.D.
Writing Specialist, founder of Business English HQ.com
& Business School HQ.com

Frank Bonkowski specializes in teaching academic and business English with online courses for upper level non-native English speakers.

Do you want to write and speak better to improve your self-confidence, get a better job, or complete a university degree?

If you are a business professional, freelance entrepreneur, or university student, I and my team can help you succeed through our self-paced online writing courses.

How to Create a Remarkable Personal Profile

How to Create a Remarkable Personal Profile

Check out our latest online course,  How to Create a Remarkable Personal Profile.  This is first online course is the series Present Your Best Self


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BEHQ BookI am principal author of Write Now: Business Writing that Gets Results.

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I’ve known Frank both as a friend and colleague for the last 13 years. He’s one of those rare individuals who combines passion, enthusiasm and professionalism in his engagements. Lifelong learning and teaching are two of the values that drive him. From first-hand experience, I can say he’s an outstanding teacher.
Fred Horowitz, Business coach

As an accomplished writer, teacher and mentor, Frank Bonkowski is truly what I would consider to be professional, thorough, passionate and dedicated. Frank receives great joy in seeing others grow and develop through the learning process.
Mark Yerbury, President, Qualiteam Inc., A Dale Carnegie Franchise

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