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Frank Bonkowski

With a doctorate in ELT from Lancaster University (UK), I’ve been providing institutional and corporate clients with creative and innovative solutions to their publishing, writing and educational needs for more than 30 years.

I have worn many hats over the years: corporate consultant, educational writer, ELT teacher and trainer, and business consultant.

As a corporate consultant, I participated in many teaching and e-learning projects.

– I have tutored in Business English.
– I consulted on the development of content and English-language activities for an online provider of educational software.
– I co-authored the writing of four e-learning modules for a pharmaceutical company.
– I participated in the development a 3-hour e-learning course, An Introduction to Web Publishing, for an e-learning company.
– I worked on a 90-minute e-learning course for Estate Planning Strategies for a financial services company.

As an educational writer of language learning materials, I consulted on nine textbook projects both as course writer and project manager in some cases.

– I designed, managed and co-authored a two-level series of adult-level ESL textbooks, entitled Canadian Snapshots, published by Pearson Longman ESL.
– I co-authored the five-level high-school English-second language Take series, published by ERPi of Montreal, that earned over $ 27 million in revenues.
– I participated in the writing of two other English-second language textbooks for publishers in Montreal and Toronto, Canada.

As a teacher specializing in ELT, I have taught at McGill University, Concordia University, and TELUQ, a center of distance education. I have also taught at several colleges.  At McGill I directed the teacher-training program at the Faculty of Education.  At TELUQ, I created a series of four university-level distance education courses in ELT for teacher training.

As a business consultant, I was director of an ESL division of a publishing company. In addition, as representative of a firm specializing in mergers & acquisitions for small businesses, I was president of a chapter of Business Network International in Montreal for one year.