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“How to Get Hired”

Help language learners get their ideal job

with a new multimedia course from

Dr. Frank Bonkowski (best-selling educational writer) and

Craig Gonzales (e-learning specialist)

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What is ‘How To Get Hired?’

Online course teaching non-native English speaking university grads (or native speakers who wish to improve their language abilities) & first-time job seekers essential communication skills in getting hired

– Based on extensive research and personal experience of Dr. Frank Bonkowski and Craig Gonzales

– 76-lessons containing smart advice, practical examples, professional tips, quizzes & language-learning strategies

– Help learners

  • build an exceptional personal profile,
  • write a persuasive application letter,
  • create an amazing CV,
  • compose a remarkable cover letter, write the perfect LinkedIn profile,
  • use a JIST card,
  • complete assessment centre tasks,
  • succeed at a job interview, and follow up an interview.

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Contact Dr. Frank Bonkowski at frank@businessenglishhq.com with your questions.