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Writing Course Lesson Five

This is the final lesson in the BEHQ Email Writing series. In this lesson we review 10 Do’s and Don’ts of proper email writing that we discussed in previous lessons.  Are you ready?

Task 1

Listen to the talk on the 10 Do’s and Don’ts of effective email writing given by the director of Human Resources of your company. Take notes of the key points.

Task 2

Using the notes you took, write an email to a colleague who missed the talk. Summarize the message in 100 – 125 words. Compare your email with our suggested answer.



Suggested answer:

[alert]1. use a meaningful subject line. Capitalize it like a book title.
2. begin with a personal greeting, use a conversational tone – which is personable and professional.
3. avoid sexist language, sarcasm and humor
4. do not write when you are in a bad mood
5. stick with the point and avoid long emails, don’t send long documents in an email
6. Use the right acronym at the right time and be sure your reader knows what you talking about
7. avoid email if you expect a prompt response, don’t send emails with last minute changes or cancellations
8. include a proper signature with your full name, company, email address, phone number, web site
9. review an important email before sending it for content, grammar, spelling and form
10. read your email only 2x a day[/alert]