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Business Consulting



You definitely know that getting the position you want is a lot harder than filling out a checklist. With our consulting services, you get to work with Frank, Craig, Liam and Katie.

We can help you with private consulting.


How does private consulting work?

  • You pick the package you want.
  • You purchase the number of "hours" you'd like.
  • We receive that payment and contact you within 24 hours to schedule our Skype session or to request your document (CV/Essays).
  • We meet on Skype and walk you through your troubled areas.
  • You gain skills and confidence writing your applications and going into interviews or assessment centres.


Why should we work together?

The team at BEHQ has over 30 years experience teaching students how to succeed at the highest level.

Be it in job interviews, applications, or test preparation, we are education experts. When you sign up to work with us, you are signing up to work with a team dedicated to your success.

We will help you write, speak, and think better. And you will get your dream job!

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Showing all 6 results