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Chapter 1 of Write Now

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I am Frank Bonkowski, a Canadian-based educational writer, web publisher, and business consultant. I co-run this website with my business partner, Craig Gonzales. I think an introduction is in order.

I am co-author of nine ELT textbooks, including a two-level series of adult-level textbooks entitled Canadian Snapshots, published by Pearson Longman ESL. I know business English.

I put together this website and my book, Write Now, because I wanted to give the world an excellent business writing resource. The BEHQ Team gives expert advice in understanding your focus, planning properly, structuring your writing, using appropriate writing style, and knowing how to self-edit.

I ask you to ask questions, read and comment on our blog, say hello to the team, find us on social media, and engage. If you engage and tell us what you want, we will develop the best services and products possible, and we will do so with empathy, honesty, integrity, and wicked intelligence.

We have your back.

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